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Fender 90s Cookie Master jar

Fender produced 2500pcs of those ceramic cookie jars between 1999 & 2000.

It was made in the style of a Fender oxblood piggy back amp and delivered in a carton box with 60s Fender flat logo!

You can find serial number hand written inside the amp head along the following printed sentence : "Fender Premiere Edition "Cookie Master" Cookie Jar. Limited to 2500pcs. All numbered by hand # ____ of 2500 pieces Vandor * SLC,UT. Handmade in China"

Ordered by Fender dealers all over the world, some were sold to the public, some displayed in the shops.

Being a fragile item, you can hear a lot of stories of those being broken. Finding one in pristine condition with shipping box is not an easy task


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