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Rare and sought after Yamaha FG180 from 1969. Red label, made in Japan.


Same as the one played by Jimmy Page himself who had one, lost it and bought another. The one he owns is pictured on his "Jimmy Page Anthology" book.


The FG180 model has been produced between 1966 and 1972 :

1966-1968 : light green label

1968-1969 : red label with Yamaha logo on headstock

1970-1972 : red label with fork logo on headstock

(source Vintage Guitars vol.6 Yamaha FG)


Spruce top with mahogany side / back and rosewood fingerboard mahogany neck.

The neck angle is shallow and the low frets are easy to play, making it perfect for strumming folk songs.


serial : 1590185


1969 Yamaha FG180

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