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Presenting the Greco EG700, a Les Paul-shaped guitar crafted in Japan in 1979. This model boasts the original Maxon U-2000 pickups, contributing to its authentic vintage sound.

Renowned as one of the finest value-for-money Les Paul copies ever produced in Japan, this guitar features a solid mahogany body with a genuine maple cap and a slimmer 60s profile neck.

In excellent condition, with the only modification being the removal of the pickup covers, this guitar maintains its original charm.

- Year of Manufacture: 1979
- Serial Number: A795639
- Pickup Type: Original Maxon U-2000 with 281216 stamp (2 : production line, 8 : 1978, 12 : December, 16 : day of the month)
- Pickup Output:  Neck 7.70k Bridge 7.40k
- Weight: 4.75 kgs
- Tuners : original Greco Deluxe

- Case: Soft case

This Greco EG700 represents a remarkable combination of quality craftsmanship and vintage allure, making it a prized addition to any collection.




1979 Greco EG700

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