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Stevie Ray Vaughan's musical influence has significantly increased the demand for the blackface Vibroverb. Produced only until 1965, these amps are now quite rare and highly sought after by collectors.


We're excited to introduce a "perfect replica" Vibroverb that captures its iconic sound at a more accessible price point. The chassis is sourced from an original 1968 Fender Bandmaster Reverb, precisely matching the dimensions of the Vibroverb. It's meticulously wired to the AB763 schematic of the Blackface Vibroverb, featuring authentic blue caps and even incorporating the bias-changing Vibrato found in brownface models (6G16 schematic).


The output, choke, and reverb transformers are all original 1960s Schumacher components salvaged from vintage Fender amps. This setup is paired with the original Fender JBL 130F speaker, complete with its authentic cone.


Despite being a replica, this amp has been played extensively over the years, ensuring that it delivers an authentic vintage tone. Few additional parts, such as the Fender-like 110/220v red switch, front logo, and corners, tilt back legs complete the Vibroverb experience.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a Vibroverb at a fraction of the usual cost!


Vibroverb "perfect replica"

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