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What is better than an instrument coming from original owner, loved and played for years?


Jean Pierre, coming from a small city 2 hours south from Paris played in a band where he was guitar player. But he wanted to have a bass for the band (for him or for a bass player).


This is why he went to the hair dresser who happened to be also the local instrument dealer. No instrument in the shop, but any local musician could choose on the catalog and order their favorite guitar.

Few weeks upon ordering the hair dresser would receive the instrument available for local pickup.


He bought this Precision bass in 1966 which was in fact produced late 1965 and played it since.


We have a picture of his bandmate with the bass in end 60s.


You will not only get a 1965 Fender bass in great original condition but you will have its full history from day one.



Neck date : NOV65

Pots : 6542 (week 42 from 1965)

Serial : 101307

Weight : 3.60kgs

1965 Fender Precision

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