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Here we have an all original first year of production Fender Jaguar (production started around spring 1962) in Olympic White Color over desert sand and with matching headstock.


This guitar is not only an early one but it has everything :


- It has no clear coat (common in 1962) which makes an unfaded and snowy white finish.

- It is in very good condition.

- And It has rare factory gold hardware option (available for and extra cost of more than 10%).


Yes factory "gold hardware" in very good condition, shiny with almost no oxidation. All metallic parts are gold plated : plates, string tree, bridge, bridge cover, trem bar, screws...

Out of 100 Fender Jaguar on the market, you will maybe find 1 with factory gold hardware, but less than 1% with gold hardware in such condition.




Neck date : OCT62

Pots : 6232 (week 32 from 1962)

serial : 81240




1962 Fender Jaguar

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