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Fender Custom did explore different options and this a very nice one.


Thinking about the Gibson Firebird and  its construction : a neck throuh construction with glued wings (of the same wood), they applied a similar approach but with two different type of wood.


Fender Custom shop made a three piece body strat with a combination of two different woods.


Center part made of ash to get the 50s twang sound with left and right wings made of alder to get a more 60s smooth resonance.


The result is a 50s looking Fender Stratocaster with "duo-tone" sound! Definitely a strat sound but a mix of 50s and 60s.


Pickups handwired (and signed) by Abigail Ybarra.


Staggered tuners so no string tree needed.


And, cherry on the cake, this one is a PROTOTYPE of the duo-tone model.


Comes with original Fender case, manual, inspection tag, certificate  Fender strap, Fender production sheet with all technical details.




2010 Fender CS protototype Strat 50s

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