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From end 60s till mid 70s most Telecaster guitars were offered in blond color.


What we have here is a black color one with a rare rosewood fingerboard combination.


It is all original, coming from second owner


Pots are dated 1974 (stackpole 304 7441) and neck date 1975


It is light with 3.4kgs and very resonant. Comes with original european  case.



Weight : 3.4kgs

Serial : 378878

Pots : 6634 and 6636

Neck date (red color): 1303 xx53


Neck date decoding

13  : stands for "telecaster"

03 : maple or rosewood neck with skunk stripe and walnut plug

xx : week number (not visible here)

5 : 1975

3 : third day of the week (Wednesday)

1975 Fender Telecaster

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