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In the 1970s, Stratocasters typically came with maple necks and could be quite heavy, which contrasts with this particular one. Here, we have an exceptionally lightweight and resonant guitar featuring a rosewood fretboard.

Weighing in at 3.3 kilograms or 7.27 pounds, this guitar stands out for its exceptional lightness.

In very good condition, with only a few modifications such as a 5-way switch, this guitar also had its tuners replaced with Schaller ones (with slightly enlarged holes, though hardly noticeable), but the original tuners have since been reinstalled.

Tremolo bar has been broken inside tremolo block so it is not possible to use the bar anymore (maybe a luthier can repair this).


Specifications :
- Serial Number: 582774
- Pot Dates: 137 7408 (indicating production in the 8th week of 1974)
- Pickups: Staggered, as per usual until the end of 1974
- Pickup Dates: 1974 (171374, 161374, xx1374)

- Pickup output : neck 5.35 middle 5.53 bridge 5.28
- Neck Date: 0901 - 1424 (09: Stratocaster, 01: rosewood neck, 14: 14th week, 2: second day of the week, 4: 1974)

This guitar comes with its original European case featuring a red interior but also bridge cover and repaired tremolo bar.

1974 Fender Stratocaster

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