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The Musicmaster bass amp is an underestimated Fender amp from the 70s.


Produced to be sold as a set with the student model Musicmaster bass, it is in fact now used by many guitar players.


It is in a kind of silverface Champ but equiped with a 12 inch speaker compared to an 8 inch speaker you can find on a champ so it has more bass and medium.


It also has more power (12w compared to 6w on a champ) which makes it an amp you can use for small gigs.


Very simple to use with two buttons only (volume and tone), it is designed to be played with or without pedals.


Loved by guitars players such as Noel Gallagher from Oasis or Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys (for both guitar and bass recordings).


This one is an export version (220v) so no need for external transformer


Power : 12W

Original transformers

Speakers : Jensen 60s  1 x 12 inch

Serial  : A614740


1974 Fender Musicmaster bass amp

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