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The Gibson Les Paul Custom is widely regarded as the pinnacle of Gibson's solid body guitar production, boasting exceptional craftsmanship and performance. Originally introduced in 1954, production ceased in 1960, only to be reintroduced in 1968 due to high demand from guitarists. Since then, it has remained in production to this day.


Despite its premium price tag of $645 in 1973 (making it the third most expensive solid body guitar at the time), the Les Paul Custom enjoyed significant success. While not particularly rare, it remains highly desirable and is often viewed as a more affordable alternative to an original 1950s Les Paul Custom.


This particular guitar is in superb, all-original condition, with untouched electronics, soldering, and original pots dating back to 1973. No break, no repair! Acquired from Parys Flore shop in Brussels (still bearing the sticker on the case), this Les Paul Custom delivers exceptional playability and is ready to rock!


Specifications include:

- 3-piece mahogany body

- 3-piece mahogany neck

- Solid maple top

- Ebony fretboard

- Original Gibson humbuckers : 7.37K neck / 7.26K bridge

- Pots dated 1973 (137 7348)

- Serial number: 121038

- Kluson Waffle tuners

- Gibson ABR-1 bridge directly bolted into the top

- Weight: 4.65kgs

- Includes original European hardshell case

1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom

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