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The Fender Musicmaster Bass was produced from 1971 till 1981.


As with its six-string counterpart, which was a stripped-down version of the Fender Mustang, the Musicmaster Bass is a simpler version of the Mustang Bass. It was offered in the catalog with the Musicmaster bass amp (the exact one that we love at Brussels Vintage Guitars).


It is short 30 inch (762 mm) scale.

Like many of Fender's other budget-priced guitars, the Musicmaster Bass used many surplus parts from other Fender models. The bodies were leftover Fender Mustang Bass bodies, while the pickups were six-pole guitar pickups, rather than four-pole bass pickups.

The Musicmaster Bass  came in either black, red or white or blue finish (color always mentioned as "blue" in Fender catalog, not "daphne blue").

Earlier models are distinguishable by their small headstock logo, lack of a serial number on the headstock, and small, triangular tuning keys. Exactly the one we have here.


It is all original and in great condition and it comes with european case with yellow interior


Serial : 411495


Pots date : 137 7343 (43th week of 1973 made by CTS)

Neck date : 0700 3733 wich can be detailed as hereunder

07 : model number

00 : rosewood board

37 : 37th week of the year

3 : year 1973

3 : 3rd day of the week (wednesday)

This neck has been stamped on Sept 12th 1973





1973 Fender Musicmaster bass

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