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This 1973 Fender Jazz has all early 70s specs we are happy to find on a Jazz bass.


Typical maple neck with black block inlays and black bindings that you only find on 1972 and 1973 Jazz bass (later replaced by pearl block and white binding). This is exactly the same specs as the one you find on the Geddy Lee signature model.


4 point neck plate!!


Thumb rest is still on the treble side (moved to bass side in 1974).


Natural color is also typical of the early to end 70s and original to the guitar.


Neck is dated 73 (month almost disapeared) while pots are dated early 1973 (stackpole pots).


Bridge is a replacement (60s spiral saddles style).


Original owner who played in a rock band removed the "jazz bass" text on headstock as he "did not play Jazz". Fender original logo is still here which makes it looks like a lefty bass logo.


Bass is light weight which is not always the case during the 70s.


Comes with original european hardcase.




1973 Fender Jazz Bass

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