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In years of buying and collecting, I have never seen any amp in this condition.


This amplifier was left in a empty house which was for sale and then discovered by the new owners.


It has everything :

- it is in mint condition

- it is an export 117/220v version

- it has a AA165 blackface circuit (coming with a black footswitch)

- it has its original shipping carton (with matching number)


Yes indeed! Mint condition with Fender shipping carton!!!


Have you ever seen this? Fender shipping carton with matching numbers and AIR FRANCE badge as it has been delivered to Fender official distributor near Paris.


It has been serviced so you can use it for the next 2O years but we kept all original parts (few tubes, and caps).


This amp sings.


Be fast before it's too late!!!


Power : 40W

Original transformers

Speakers : original  2 x 12 inch

Serial  : A14959


1971 Fender Pro Reverb

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