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First introduced in spring 1956, the Mandocaster looks like a mini Stratocaster.  This model was produced from 1956 until 1976.


Called "Mandocaster" by players and collectors,  the real name of this model as used in catalog is in fact "Electric Mandolin" and it is basically a solid body electric mandolin with only 4 strings as opposed to 8 strings for the "regular" mandolin.


Used mostly for live purpose, you can find online pictures of John Paul Jones playing one during Led Zeppelin concerts.


It is not rare to find parts from different years on it and this one is no exceptions. It has a single line Kluson tuners (like in the 50s), 1966 neck stamp and 1971 pots. All original as it was assembled in the factory.


Usually they are strung with .008, .012, .019w and .028w strings, and tuned like a mandolin (G/D/A/E).


Operated with one pickup and two controls (volume and tone).


Serial number : 01732

Pots : 3047116

Neck date : NOV66


comes with recent soft bag



1971 Fender Mandocaster

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