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I am sure most of you watched the "Get Back sessions" and what Paul Mac Cartney plays during both studio recording and rooftop concert is exactly the same amp as the one we have here.


In 1969 Fender delivered their brand new instruments to the Beatles including Rosewood Telecaster, twin amps and Export Bassman.


When you think about Let it be, Get back, Don't Let me down, the long and winding road, what you hear is Paul playing a Fender export bassman.


This model has been under production between 1969 and 1972 when it has been replaced by Bassman 50.


It is a 50w amp and export version with a switch that allows you to use both 117 or 220v. Speaker is equipped with a pair of 15 inch.


Output transformer is original and 1971 dated.


Power : 50W

Transformers : 1971

Speakers : 2 x 15 inch

Serial : A60814


Get a violin Hofner bass or a Fender bass VI and you will be back in 1969!!


1971 Fender Export Bassman

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