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From the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s, most Telecaster guitars were typically offered in a blond color. However, what we have here is a rare custom color Telecaster in Lake Placid Blue, equipped with a factory Bigsby tremolo system.

The bridge pickup was replaced with a Vintage Fender pickup approximately six years ago, together with a ground cable connected to the Bigsby (now removed) but the guitar retains its original paint, original pots, original neck pickup, and original tuners.

This particular Telecaster is a factory Bigsby model, evident by the absence of string holes and ferrules on the back of the body.

Originally purchased new in Brussels at the renowned "Parys Flore" shop (the sticker from which is still visible on the back of the headstock), this guitar boasts pots dated from 1966 (CTS 1376617) and a neck stamp indicating production on April 3, 1968 (68B).

Included with the guitar is a vintage European case and the original user's manual.

- Weight: 3.75 kilograms
- Serial Number: 251416
- Pot Codes: 137 6617 (date on one pot obscured by soldering)
- Neck Date: 3 APR 68B





1968 Fender Telecaster

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