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Fender launched the Electric XII in June 1965, with originals commanding high prices on the vintage market.


Fender Electric XII has been used in studio by a lot of people and you can see bunch of pictures from famous guitar players with it (Bob Dylan, Pete Townsend, Jimmy Page, Johnny Winter, Lou Reed to name a few).


It is equipped with two split pickups, a 4position tone switch, one volume and one tone knob.


This one dated MAY66 on the neck is the first version available with dot neck and no binding and it is in near mint condition with a very nice sunburst finish. Only mod to mention is pro refret job.


Comes with recent Fender case (including case keys)


Be fast before it is too late!


Neck Stamp : 12MAY66 B

Pots date : 3046612 & 3046617 (Stackpole week 12 and 17 of 1966)

Serial : 136810

1966 Fender Electric XII

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