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This Gibson ES-335 is among the last of the greats, as 1965 was a transitional year for Gibson.


During this period, they changed the neck width and replaced nickel hardware with chrome. And then, the neck angle was adjusted in 1966. But this guitar retains the original neck angle of 17°, a 1 11/16" nut width, and a full neck profile.


Starting around 1965, you might find guitars with a mix of nickel and chrome hardware due to replenishment of various parts. Some guitars even had one nickel-covered pickup and one chrome-covered pickup. However, this ES-335 features all nickel hardware except for the pickup covers, which are chromed. The pickups are the desirable Patent # models with untouched soldering, and the pots are original, dated 1963.

The only notable repair is along the tuners on the treble side, with refinishing on front and back of headstock. Tuners were changed after this repair and replaced by repro.


But what makes this guitar truly special is its extensive use in the studio by a French musician, artistic director, and film music composer whose name will be displayed to future owner.


Here is a list of albums and projects where this Gibson ES-335 has been played:



- "I can change" album by Readymade FC


- "Get Blake!" soundtrack (French-American animated TV series)


- "Sea No Sex & Sun" soundtrack


- "Pourquoi battait mon Cœur ?" album by Alex Beaupin

- "Et si on vivait tous ensemble ?" soundtrack

- "Bécaud, et maintenant" album (Gilbert Becaud covers by multiple artists)


- "Une vie Saint Laurent" album by Alain Chamfort

- "Le Paris de Dani" album by Dani


- "Sexa" album by Michel Delpech

- "LoL" soundtrack


- "Affaire Classée" album by Hubert Mounier

- "L’idéal" album by Barbara Carlotti

- "Tombés pour Daho" album (E. Daho covers by multiple artists)


- "Michel Delpech &" album by Michel Delpech

- "Babilonia" album by Readymade FC


- "Laissez-moi rire" album by Dani


- "Et si c’était moi" album by La Grande Sophie


- "Mon inconnue" album by Peter Kingsbery

- "Je voudrais tant que tu comprennes" album by Luz Casal

This guitar sounds exceptional and has a well-documented history.

It will come with a personal letter from previous confirming its use and ownership.


1965 Gibson ES335

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