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What is better than an instrument coming from original owner, loved and played for years?


Louis, coming from south of France, moved to the USA in 1965 to get a better job and hopefully a better income.


He was already playing music and decided to buy a Fender bass while being in Philadelphia. This is where he got this 1965 Fender Precision which he brought back when coming back to France in 1966.


He played in different bands until 1978 when the band splitted. The Precision was put aside until we bought it in 2022.


We have pictures of him with the bass in summer of 66 and later in the 70s.


You will not only get a 1965 Fender bass in great original condition but you will have its full history from day one.



Neck date : OCT65

Pots : 6542 (week 42 from 1965)

Serial : 106778




1965 Fender Precision

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