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Fender Jazzmaster were launched during summer 1958 as a replacment to the Stratocaster.


It never happened but the Jazzmaster was the first to get a rosewood neck and matching colored headstock (followed by Jazz bass and Jaguar).


And this is what we have here : a Fender high end model!


Custom color with a very nice Candy Apple red color with gold undercoat and also matching headtstock.


This Jazzmaster is a transition model with small headstock, bold gold logo, neck binding and dots.


Logo has been changed later in 66 to a bold black logo and dots changed to rectangle markers.


It is equipped with a Mastery bridge for better intonation and stability but we have the original bridge and bridge cover (mute missing).


At one point the tuners were changed but the set is now back (small holes from previous ones are visible).


Comes with original no logo Fender case, Tremolo bar, old jack cable, bridge cover, original bridge and mastery bridge


Neck date : NOV65





1965 Fender Jazzmaster

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