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This 1963 Fender Jazzmaster is a one owner.


Rob bought it new at Parys Flore in Brussels (most famous shop in town) in end 1963 and used it since.


He played in a band called The Shunts who gigged on Friday/Saturday/Sunday almost everyweek. This was on top of a weekly job for all members.


In 1966, they recorded a EP which will be given to future owner together with an original letter from the flamish Professional Association for Radio Distribution confirming the EP reception and the future radio broadcast.


This guitar is all original except for a redone headtstock logo in the 80s as the original one almost disappeared. All electronic is untouched.


It comes with about 15 pictures, EP recording and a broadcasting letter.

See Rob during the 60s and in 2023!


Neck date : 4 JUL63B

pots : 6336

serial : L08599


comes with original Fender case

1963 Fender Jazzmaster

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