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The Fender Duo sonic has been launched in 1959 as a student affordable model.


Available in white color in 1963, what we have here is a tiny underestimated instrument.


Fender took the same care in producing a 1963 Stratocaster than a 1963 Duo-Sonic, so we have all the magic of any pre CBS Fender instrument for the price of a late 70s strat.


This is the reason a lot of famous guitar players played on a Duo-Sonic. People like Jimi Hendrix, John  Frusciante, Damon Albarn, Ted Nugent, Martin L. Gore just to name a few.



This Duo-Sonic is from 1964 (pickups) and from 1963 (neck date & pots) so let's say it is a 1964 based on the latest parts.


Pickguard is cracked but stable, original pots and switch has been changed but original are available in the case.


Comes with original case with yellow interior


This one has Mojo!!




1963-64 Fender Duo Sonic

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