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I got also this one from original owner.


This french bass player from the Nice Riviera area got two Bassman from a friend in the USA who send it to France directly as getting two new Bassman in France in 1962 wasn't an easy task.


He used one for him and the second one for his brother playing Farfisa organ.


This one is the one played by him with his 1965 Precision bass (also available).


It is a 1962 bassman model with blond tolex and wheat grill, one of the first with wheat grill .


This amp has been used with a 1961 Les Paul standard (see picture) until he bought a Fender Precision in 1966.


It has been used on stage until 1978 when the band split, and then put under storage until we bought it in 2022.


It is a 110v version, all original with 2x12 original speakers and has just been serviced.


A brand new 110/220v external transformer is coming with it.


Power : 50W

Original transformers

Speakers : Original 2 x 12 inch

Tube chart date indication : LL (dec 1962)

Serial : BP0XXXX


You can be a  Brian Setzer fan or not, you can be a bass or a guitar player, you will love this one!!



1962 Fender Blond Bassman

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