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Early 1958 Fender Precision that used to belong to Scott Shriner from the band Weezer .


In 1957, Leo Fender decided it was time to make an evolution on the Precision bass and this what we have here

- split pickup

- anodized pickguard

- wider headstock


It is all original, has great mojo and sounds great (I played it on stage and couldn’t leave it).


Neck is dated January 1958 and pots are dated end 1957 so it is relly an early 1958


Comes with its original tweed case.


As Scott Shriner of Weezer says about this one :

"This is a 1958 Fender Precision Bass, completely original. Life is way too short to tour with less than the most awesome things."

1958 Fender Precision

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