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What we have here is a 1955 Fender Esquire in crazy original condition.


Introduced in 1951 the Esquire model is a single pickup version of the Telecaster with Esquire model on the headstock.


Body is same as the tele with a routing for a second pickup under the pickguard.


Despite the fact that it has one pickup, the Esquire is equipped with a 3 position switch. This switch modifies the tone of the pickup by adding more bass in the neck position, while enabling use of the tone control knob in the middle position. When the switch is in the bridge position, these tone controls were bypassed entirely for a "hotter" lead tone.


This 1955 Esquire is in near mint original condition and it plays like hell!! You will not find another one like this. It is very lighweight and resonant and comes with its original centered pocket case in great condition also.



Neck date : Jan55

Weight : 3.05kgs / 6.70lbs

all original electronic


worlwide shipping included

1955 Fender Esquire

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