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First introduced in 1942 and then officially in production in 1947, the Gibson J50 is essentially a blonde or natural finished J-45 (sunburst model).


Its specs would always largely mirror that of the J-45. If the J-45 changed, so did the J-50. But there are a few important historical differences that do set the lesser known blonde apart. In 1950, Gibson added a triple-bound top to the J-50, further differentiating it from the J-45.



Early 50s J50 have round shoulders (dropped in 1968), small teardrop pickguard (enlarged in late 1955), a 19 fret neck (changed to a 20 fret neck in 1955).


The Gibson J50 is considered as the ultimate cowboy guitar that will never let you down. Loved and played by great guitar players such as Bob Dylan, George Harrison, James Taylor, Lightnin' Hopkins, Neal Casal , John Hiatt, Brad Paisley just to name a few.


This 1951 J50 is a player but in great original condition with only a very small and stable crack on the back. It has a number engraved on back of headstock surely put by original owner as mark of ownership (this is not a serial number)


Comes with late 60s Gibson hardcase

1951 Gibson J50

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