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Just like Kurt Cobain in "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video!


Exactly same? Not totally in fact!


You must have noticed bridge has been moved backward. It has been done because original owner changed the short scale original neck to install a long scale Stratocaster neck (22 stamp model is barely visible).


What is cool is the Strat neck is also 70s and lefty.


This means that we have here maybe the only Lefty Mustang Competition in long scale version!


Check online the price for a 70s lefty strat neck and you will see your are making a great deal on this guitar.


Go find another as they say!


Comes with original european hardcase (no Fender)

Serial : 540624

Pots dates : 7343 (week 43 of 1973)

1974 Fender Mustang Competition

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