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This early 1964 Pre CBS Sunburst Stratocaster with spaghetti logo spent all his life with same onwer here in Belgium.


Bought new at the Van Parys shop in Brussels it has been used a lot with the band "Les Diables Noirs" who played in Belgium, France and Germany until 1975.


Except a changed volume pot it is all original with a very nice sunburst.


It comes with original european case, original Fender strap, bridge cover, tremolo bar but also pictures of the orginal owner with it during the 60s and a EP record of the band.


Pickups have a very nice output

neck : 6.47

middle : 5.93

bridge : 5.58


- original european case

- original Fender strap

- rare 50s Fender string packs

- dozen pictures of the original owner with it

- original record from the band

- pitch pipes tuner

- vintage guitar cable


Neck date : April64

Serial : Lxxxxx

weight : 3.45kgs (7.6pounds)






1964 Fender Stratocaster

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