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The STRAT (in cap) has been produced from 1980 to 1983 as a high end version of the Stratocaster with gold hardware, matching headstock and unique features like a rotary switch which allowed additional sound set ups.


Some construction features returned to pre-CBS specs, including the four bolt neck joint, smaller headstock, and removal of the bullet-style truss rod adjustment.


The Strat circuitry is characterized by a twin mode rotary selector switch instead of the second tone control.


In conjunction with the regular 5-position pick-up selector switch, this rotary control operated by a knob adds 4 new sounds, namely :

  • Front and middle pick-ups in series.
  • Middle and back pick-ups in series
  • Front and back pick-ups in parallel
  • Front and back pick-ups in parallel, with middle pick-up in series.


Altogether, the Strat delivers 9 different basic sounds. All switch position is doubled by rotary control (except the bridge pickup position).


Specs :


Serial : E021777 (on body, neck). E for Eighties, 0 for 1980

Pots dates : 137 8106 (week 06 of 1981)

Pickups : 2 flatpole original Fender (ref 016730) and one 80s Seymour Duncan hot stackin bridge position.

Neck date : no date on neck heel but on headstock


Comes with original Fender molded case

1981 Fender "The STRAT"

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