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1975 Stratocaster hardtail from the transition year (black pickguard but still white pickup covers and white knobs).


Hardtail stratocasters (without vibrato system) are really nice but not easy to find as it was produced in smaller quantity compared to vibrato models. Strings go through body just as on a telecater.


Hardtail stratocasters are really resonant which is the case for this one and hardtail strats keep in tune.


This guitar is in very good condition and ALL ORIGINAL. only modification to mention is a piece of wood removed neak the pots cavity (it is not a routing for humbucker!).



Serial : 672597

Pots dates : 137 7525 (week 25 of 1975)

Pickups : flatpole as used after beginning of 1975

Pickups dates : 1975

Neck date : almost disapeared but typical green letters


Comes with original european case with yellow interior

1975 Fender Stratocaster

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