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The Les Paul Recording was produced from late 1971–1979 (the first models shipped in 1972).


As one of the more innovative Gibsons of its time, the Gibson Les Paul Recording boasted a number of innovative electronic features into the guitar itself, similar to the Les Paul Personal and Les Paul Professional. Compared to those 2, the control layout was changed, the rhythm/lead selector switch was moved near the other controls from the upper left to lower right side of the guitar body, and the tone control toggle switches were rotated 90 degree.


The Recording included low-impedance plastic-covered pickups, a high/low impedance selector, a phase switch control, and a few more extra goodies, though it did away with the XLR output found on the Professional and the Personal.


The Gibson Les Paul Recording model was a favorite of Les Paul himself. It was his main guitar during his years playing at the Iridium Jazz Club and other New York venues.


This one produced in 1973 has original eletronic, changed bridge, stop bar and tuners. No neck problem and ready to rock!!


It is the perfect tool for studio recording!!



Serial : 206679

Pots dates : 7335 (week 35 of 1973)

Case : recent rectangular case


1973 Gibson Les Paul Recording

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