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1971 4bolt Stratocaster in Olympic white custom color nicely yellowed.


This guitar is all original and in great condition as you can see.


Comes from second owner who was an accordeon player. He bought it end 70s as he wanted to start playing guitar but did not play that much and quickly put it in the closet for almost 40 years.


Last strats with 4bolt neck were produced in 1971. 3 bolt neck strats being introduced around september of the same year.


It is light with 3.55kgs or 7.82pounds.


Serial : 334692

Neck pickup output : 5.63 Ohm

Middle pickup output : 5.47 Ohm

Bridge pickup output : 5.48 Ohm

Neck stamp : 22 AUG71B (in green color. month almost unreadable)

Pickup dates : 9351/ 0831 / no date

Pots : 7014 (14th week of 1970)


Comes with original european hardcase, tremolo bar.


1971 Fender Stratocaster

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