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What is better than an instrument coming from original owner, loved and played for years?


This 1971 Sunburst Precision bass has been purchased in the USA by a french musician and played until recently.


It has been played in a cover band and well taken care off by its owner. It is in great all original condition and only had a pickup rewound.


Original electronic and pots, original fret with still life in it for the next decade, original paint and parts


Comes with an 90s replacement case bought after the original was stolen during a gig (fortunately the bass was on stage).


Serial : 338421

Pots date : 304 7116 (16th week of 1971 made by Stackpole)

Neck date : 5NOV71 B

Pickup date : 6471/0451

Pickguard marking : GONZALES (inspector name) DEC 6 1971



1971 Fender Precision

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