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We are really proud to present the 1968 Gibson SJN Country Western that used to belong to the late John Miles since new.


John Miles is well known for his international hit "Music" but also for writing and playing with Jimmy Page, playing on tour with Tina Tuner, Joe Cocker and being one of the leader of "Night of the proms".


It was his main acoustic guitar that he used at home for songwriting purpose.


We have a press picture shot in Jan 1980 with this exact guitar (swipe to see it) and even a personal picture with his son John Jr holding it when he was about 4 (this personal family picture will be shown to the buyer).


His son brought us this Gibson SJN which was in the family since new which, on top of being John Miles' makes it also a one owner.


Comes with a certificate from his son John Jr.






1968 Gibson SJN ex John Miles

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