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From the 70s to the 90s, guitar players were always looking for the more powerful amps : 100w Marshall, Twin Reverb, Orange OR120 etc…


But now, what everybody is looking is for a small portable amp equipped with internal reverb. Small enough to play home and which you can use live with a microphone in front.


This is exactly what we have here, a silverface Fender Princeton Reverb. Great sound, Internal reverb, vibrato, light weight and small dimension.


This one is a drip edge model so cosmetically a silverface from first year of production but technically still a blackface.

Original transformers.


Complete service recently.

Works in 110V but will come with a new external transformer.

Comes with replacement footswitch and replaced reverb tank.


Ready to gig!!!!


Serial : A19752

Power output : 15W

Speaker : more recent 10 inch Fender speaker

Transformers : all original

1968 Fender Princeton Reverb

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