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This Gibson 1967 ES345TD is not simply a great mid 60s hollowbody Gibson guitar but it also has a great vibe as it belonged to Antoine Wielemans from the famous belgian band Girls in Hawaii.


Antoine bought this guitar in Oct 2010 and used it in studio for more than a decade. It has been used for recording on Everest (2013) and Nocturne (2017) albums. See picture of Brice playing it during Everest recording (picture courtesy of Olivier Cornil).


For example, you can hear it very clearly on the arpegio part on the track "Here I belong" on the Album Everest.


Antoine had few modifications made like changing the guitar back to mono and new set of tuners (original are back and replacment in the case). Varitone is still active and works properly.


Comes with a 70s Gibson case and a letter from Antoine Wielemans himself confirming this ES345 was his guitar from 2010 until today.



Year : 1967

Serial : 840705 (serial is from 66 but pots dated 67, so early 67)

Neck : one piece neck with not repair

Pickups : patent number ones (one sticker missing)

Pickup output : neck 7.74 Ohms, bridge 7.28 Ohms

Case : original Gibson case with purple interior.

1967 Gibson ES345TD

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