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The Silvertone 1476L is in fact based on the famous Harmony 'Bobkat'.


Equipped with 2 Dearmond pickups, 4 controls (2 volumes, 2 tones) and a 3 position switch.

The Silvertone 1476L has same specs as its sister, the Silvertone 1477L but has no whammy system.


But only the 1476L has been offered in black color. Also it has been on the range only 2 years from summer 1964 to summer 1966 which makes it rarer than the 1477L which lasted from 1964 till 1968.


This one is all original, dated Sept A1965 under the pickguard and comes with an orginal chipboard case.


1965 Silvertone 1476L

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