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What we have here is an absolutely unique 1965 Fender Mustang in  original blue sparkle color.


Fender sparkle colors are much rarer than Fender original custom colors as those were not available on an official color chart. Even not sprayed in the Fender factory (until 1966) but applied by third parties.


Until 1966, Fender was not equipped technically to spray sparkle color which is the reason why they outsourced the job to local car paint companies.


Sparkle colors are not "normal" colors. it is always related to Hot Rod world. Sparkle Fender colors are usually silver, gold, blue, red, white, green but can be any color (like the champagne sparkle bass VI for exemple).


Most famous ones being Dick Dale's gold Stratocaster, Buck Owens' silver telecaster, just to name a few.


All those pre 1966, sparkle paints made out of the factory have something in common : sparkle finish is much more strong with heavy metal flakes. When made in the Factory the finish was more smooth.


The one we have here is a 1965 pre factory one, in all original shape, untouched soldering. It comes from a worldwide "Fender sparkle colors specialist" from the USA who even wrote article about it. His name will be given upon request.


Neck stamp : 8APR65A

Pots date : 6512 (12th week of 1965).

Pickups : Grey bottom

Serial number : L83214

Accessories : original case, tremolo bar

1965 Fender Mustang

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