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Fender Concert amps were produced between 1959-64, with this one from very late 1961. Very early wheat grill model.


It is equipped with 4 x 10 inch speakers and delivers a smooth sound at low volume which can become a blues beast if you push it to its limits.


The Brownface Concert has a unique harmonic tremolo circuit that sounds absolutely fantastic. Same tremolo as the one you find on Super and Bandmaster (combo version). Comes with orginal footswitch.


It is a late 1961 & US version with 110v (comes with a new external transformer). Original footswitch included (with replaced switch).


Just serviced and ready to gig


Transformers date : 606140 (power transformer), 606049 (choke), 606123 (output transformer)

Power : 40w

Speakers :  Original 10K5 Oxford Alnico speakers (week 43 of 1961).

Tube chart : KK (nov 1961)

Circuit : 6G12-A

Serial : 52385

Voltage : 110v version (comes with external transformer)

1961 Fender Concert

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