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What we have here is a 1957 Fender Stratocaster with body only refin (body date still visible).


This guitar has been bought by its previous owner end 80s in Paris at the famous "Guitar Express/ Magnetic France".

Guitar Express opened in March 1978 and was the first vintage guitar shop in France (and maybe Europe).


It was sold with original paint removed (originally sunburst) and was sent by Patrice Bastien (shop owner) to Jacobacci for refin in Fiesta red color. Fortunately Jacobacci kept the body date visible in the pickup routing.


Neck has a very confortable V shape with original finish (dated 8-57) and original tuners .


Original pickups have very nice output (see below) with wiring modification to allow tone control on bridge pickups as on other two pickups. Can be changed back to original settings.


Comes with original Fender hardcase.


Original body (refin), neck (with original finish), tuners, pickups, wiring, pickguard, knobs, tweed case.


Only mods : body paint and original wiring modified to allow tone setting on bridge pickup.


Body date : 6-57

Neck date : 8-57

Neck pickup output : 6.00 Ohms

Middle pickup output : 6.05 Ohms

Bridge pickup output : 6.08 Ohms

Pots date : 304715 (stackpole, 15th week of 1957)

Weight : 3.50kgs / 7.70lbs

Serial : -20564 (from late 1956 till late 1957, serial numbers preceded by a dash or a minus were used)



1957 Fender Stratocaster

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