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What we have here is a real piece of history!


In 1917, the Martin 18 Style began to take its modern form in when Martin produced the first 18 Style instruments with Spruce tops and Mahogany back and sides.


Then Martin introduced steel string guitars in 1923 and 00-18 was the first one to be equipped with steel strings (instead of gut strings). This makes this one is an early originally equipped with steel strings model.


Late 20s Martin guitars really marks the beginning of the "modern acoustic guitar".


This one has had repairs during its life like fixed cracks, patches, replacment bridge and fretboard with a neck reset and a refinish.

Price reflects the condition of the guitar.

It has now a great set up and is ready to play for the next decades.


You will be astonished as the sound is very clear and powerful considering the body size.





- Neck joins body at the 12th fret.

- Small dot fingerboard markers at 5th, 7th and 9th frets.

- Honduran mahogany back and sides & Adirondack spruce top.

- Slotted headstock.

- No pickguard (introduced only in 1930)

- Serial : 34224


Comes with a 80s hardcase


1927 Martin 00-18

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