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In the old days, master builders at The Fender Custom Shop built instruments all by themselves.

From pick up winding to painting and from neck shaping to fretwork.


The master builder that made this bass is Yasuhiko Iwanade. He worked at the customshop from 1990 to Summer 1993. Yasuhiko Iwanade was the builder credited for putting Fender back on the path to vintage correctness. An expert and author (The Beauty Of The Burst and Galaxy Of Strats) in the field of vintage guitars, 'Yas' was the educator of all things vintage. He basically told Team Fender where they had been going wrong in terms of vintage specs and detail.

Apparently this wasn't exactly welcomed by the team of American builders at first, but eventually they came round to his way of thinking. Yasuhiko eventually moved back to Japan to become CEO of Gibson Japan.


This bass was the first (serial no 1001) of a small serie to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Fender Precision in 1991. It is an amazing piece of wood. The neck is made from extremely beautiful birdseye maple with flames as well. The body is one big slab of ash. It is a beast, with a sturdy U-shaped neck. This bass was sold at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in 1992 to a Dutch bass player who had it for about 15 years until he sold it to a professional player who used it a lot and loved it thoroughly. This bass was slightly reliced only by playing it (relic finish was not an available option back in 1991).


Comes with COA, original tweed case and strap.

1991 Fender CS 1951 Precision

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