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The original run of the Fender Telecaster Bass from 1968 to 1971 was essentially a reissue of the original Precision Bass, featuring a slab body and a maple fretboard. Toward the end of 1971, these basses underwent significant changes, including the adoption of a 3-bolt neck, a humbucking pickup positioned at the neck, and the option of either rosewood or maple fretboards.

The model we have here is in all-original condition and lot of mojo. Originally finished in Olympic White, this bass has aged to a buttery yellow reminiscent of a 1950s Butterscotch Precision Bass. The humbucker provides a deep, resonant tone that is sure to impress.

The pots are original, dated to the 52nd week of 1971, and the neck is dated February 1972. Many parts bear inspector stamps from T. Chambers, B. Gomez, Gonzales, and F. Pena. While many Telecaster basses from the 1970s (those with humbucker pickups) are quite heavy, this particular one is relatively light, weighing only 3.95 kg.

This bass comes with an original 1966 Fender bass case (featuring the Fender logo without a tail or copyright symbol).

- Serial: 353139
- Neck stamp: 22FEB72B
- Pots date: 137 7152 (52nd week of 1971)
- Weight: 3.95 kg
- Case: Original 1966 Fender hardcase

1972 Fender Telecaster bass

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