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At the beginning of the 1920s, The Carbonell family leaves Spain to settle in Marseille France and manufacture guitars, mandolins, bandurrias, ukuleles...

Arthuro Carbonell senior learned violin making in the Parès workshops in Valencia, then passed the workshop on to his son Arthur in the 1940s.


They will continue to work together until 1956 and Arthuro's death.


Arthur continued by himself to manufacture guitars until 1976.


What we have here is a very nice student number 8 with nice spruce top from Romania and a beautiful mahogany back and neck.


Fretboard is made of rosewood.


This guitar is nice to play, very resonant and in great condition after more than 50 years.


It comes with a very nice 40s case which is not contemporary but very nice with a 40s Gibson style.



1970 Carbonell Classic model n°8

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