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This 1969 Fender Jazz bass has been bought new at the famous DUBOIS shop in Charleroi Belgium. It still has trace of the original "banana shaped" shop plate on the headstock.


But what makes it so special is not only the belgian origin, sound or light weight but the fact it belonged to Michel HATZI (Hatzigeorgiou) from the famous band AKA MOON.


He was born in Belgium from Greek parents and started playing bouzouki at the age of 9, then switched to electric guitar at 10 and finally to electric bass at 12.


In 1982, he attended the jazz seminar in Liège. At that time, he played with Jaco Pastorius (his main influence), Mike Stern, and Belgian jazzmen Toots Thielemans, Ivan Paduart, Steve Houben, Philip Catherine, and Pierre Van Dormael.


He was then involved in the De Kaai project and in Nasa Na Band, precursor of Aka Moon, the band he formed with Fabrizio Cassol and Stéphane Galland. Hatzigeorgiou has been teaching at the Brussels conservatory since 1998.


This Jazz bass was used to record few tracks on the last Aka Moon LP "Quality of Joy". You can hear it on "Quality of Joy" and "You know that nobody knows" tracks.


Lucky buyer of this crazy nice bass will have a letter from Michel HATZI himself confirming the provenance of the instrument.


All electronic is original down to pickups, pots and untouched soldering.

It has trace of the shop plate which was removed years ago on headstock also has paint touch up on body with clear varnish overspray and replaced bridge (mid 70s one).


Comes with soft case.




Serial : 259613

Fretboard : indian rosewood

Neck stamp : 7AUG69A

Pots : 6642 (CTS dated week 42 of 1966). common for Fender until 1970 to have 1966 pots

1969 Fender Jazz Bass

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