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Here we have an all original Fender Jaguar from 1965 in a rare black custom color with matching headstock.


You can find custom color Jaguar as it was top of the line. Even with matching headstock but when was the last time you saw a black one with matching headstock and in such good all original condition?


It comes with unused Fender bodyguard which was an option from Fender to prevent from buckle rashes. Not so good idea as the foam glued inside the bodyguard had the default to damage the paint after years of use. Fortunately ours has never been used.


This Jaguar is an L serie with transition specs which means it has binding but still dots on the neck. Neck date SEP65B.


It is all original down to electronic, paint and untouched soldering. Comes with tremolo bar, bridge cover, jack cable, Fender bodyguard, hangtag, no logo Fender case.


Neck date : 1SEP65B

Pots : 304 6530 (stackpole made 30th week of 1965)



1965 Fender Jaguar

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