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The Falcon (GA-19RVT) is a guitar amplifier made by Gibson Guitar Corporation from 1961 till 1968.


With the Falcon and a few other models, Gibson was ahead of Fender in bringing an amplifier with reverb on the market. In addition, the Falcon also had tremolo.


The Falcon is a 14 watts power combo amp with a 12" speaker.

Unlike Fender's later reverb amps (such as the Princeton Reverb), the Falcon had a fairly unusual placement of the reverb circuit: rather than being placed after the pre-amp section and having the wet signal mixed with the dry, the Falcon's reverb circuit taps the signal before the volume and tone control, and mixes it with the dry signal via independent volume controls.



Speaker : recent 12 inch Jensen

Footswitch : Tremolo / reverb (original included)

Transformers : original (all dated 1964)

Serial : 773556

Voltage : 110v (comes with 110/220v transformer)

Reverb tank : replacment (original included)


Amp has just been serviced

1964 Gibson Falcon

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