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Why do we say 1964-65 Stratocaster?


This Stratocaster started its life in early 1964 as stated by its neck date (MAR

64) and typical marks on body (nail holes, tape in pickup cavity).


For some reason, like flaws, it has been sent back to factory early 1965 for repaint (new logo) and new electronic (pickups dated march 65).


So it is a 1964 body and neck factory re painted and re equipped in early 1965.


It even has a green guard typical or a pre 65 strat.


It has a L serial number, small headstock, transition logo and Grey bottom pickups.


All original  (original paint, electronic, parts, frets) and it is in crazy good conditions. A part of the lacquer has been removed on back of the neck for playability, but softly removed.


Comes with original Fender case, bridge cover, tremolo arm


Neck date : 2MAR64B

Serial : L70xxx

Weight : 3.45kgs (7.60pounds)

Pickup date : march 1965

Pots date : week 5 of 1965

Neck pickup : 5.97 Ω

Middle pickup : 6.37 Ω

Bridge pickup : 5.40 Ω




1964-65 Fender Stratocaster

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