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What we have here is the holy grail of all the Fender amp!


The Vibroverb is the first Fender amp equipped with onboard reverb.


Produced in 1963 only,  it was a limited run of 600pces (starting at serial 00100) which means it is not only an historical amp but is also very rare.


It has a 6G16 circuit, 2 x 10inch speakers, 35W power.


What makes this one so unique is that it is an original export version which can be used both in 220v and 117v through an internal switch which predates the red external switch that we usually see on blackface models.

It is believe that less than 30pces were produced in export version (we have personaly only seen 4 including this one).


Also it is one of the last one produced with serial 00668 which is the reason why it comes originally with black handle and black footswitch.


1963 Fender Vibroverb export

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